The explorers of old leaned into the faithful heavens when plotting their journeys. The Sun for the day, and the Stars at night. But there is one star that stands still while all the others rotate around it- The North Star, or “Polaris”. Polaris is called “Cynosura” in Greek, which led to the English word “cynosure” (something that guides you, something you can depend on).  Thousands of travelers have used this fixed point in the galaxy to judge their journey, and have counted on its faithfulness to guide them home.

Our true north has changed over the years, things that guided us- money, security, and careers no longer help us on our way. The unpredictability of our current world has often left us confused and bewildered. So we look higher.

Higher within our own hearts.

Past the fears and insecurities.

We look to the immovable star. Like wisemen in the days of Herod, we’ve seen a star. It lights our way. It calls us to leave our place of comfort and follow. Follow into the unknown. Follow off our map and trust the inner compass. We have restless feet. We must follow.

To not follow means to not explore, and that only leads to death.

We wander.

Not aimlessly, but with a sense of purpose. A purpose that we can feel deep inside. A Mandate. A Calling. As if a flickering flame was breathed into the darkness, then we were wrapped around it. We must go. We must follow. True North is calling and these wanderers have heard the sound.

This is Our True North Journey.

Will you join us?

Michael & Norina Leyde

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Throughout our marriage we’ve worn many hats, but what we do is not who we are.

We are Seekers.

We are Creators, Dreamers, and Lovers.

Creating art with music and photography, dreaming of far-off places, and passionately loving the freedom we’ve found in each other’s forgiveness.

Our Journey has taken us many places from the slums of India to photographing weddings at the Four Seasons, from the inner city of Las Vegas to the Cascade Mountains, from Mexico’s barrios, to the coastline of Monaco.

And we love it all!

But of all the great places we’ve been and seen, it’s the people and the relationships that we’ve formed along the way that have nurtured our marriage, challenged our false security, and called us deeper into intimacy with God and each other is what we value the most.

We are Seekers-

We seek Kingdom Partnerships. Normal folks who are willing and wanting to do the extraordinary. People who know how to love well. People who aren’t afraid to get their hands (and ego’s) a little dirty loving the unlovable, the broken, and the lost. People who’s hearts are bigger than their heads. Who like us, are willing to throw caution to the wind to follow the call, and find their True North.

Will you partner with us?